You are visiting the KX SOLUTION website. We provide programming and consulting services. We guide the client through all stages of application development, from definition of needs to implementation of a ready solution.

What we do

Tailored applications

We treat each application individually.


Accurate definition of needs and selection of technology as well as proposition of the solution form on their basis.


Development of applications in constant contact with the client and with consultations regarding their requirements.

Client’s satisfaction

Our goal is to meet the requirements set by the customers.

Implemented projects

Some projects we worked on


US real estate
market monitoring system

★ Graphic data representation
★ Report sending

Project page


Conducting of a series of trainings regarding programming for the Software Development Academy

★ Internet applications
(AngularJS, .net MVC, Dapper)
★ Desktop applications (WPF)
★ Data base design

Vehicle fleet monitoring

System developed for one of the largest building companies in Poland, consisting of the WPF application for registration of the vehicle location and condition as well as the Internet application for data management.


Platform used by the Central Examination Board for examiner training in years 2014/2015.

★ examiner registration process
★ training planning
★ training course tracking
50 thousand users

Where is child

Watch out for your kids.
★ Finalist of the contest organised by Microsoft - Your company, your chance for success in 2013.

Preview application: Microsoft Store
Client’s application: WP Store


Virtual veterinary office.
Keeping the treatment register, storage, reports, drug definitions and much more.

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